MyProtein Total Impact Whey Review

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  • Overall Quality
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Myprotein has truly set the bar with a great protein powder that may only be topped in quality by their Iso-97 powder. We wish the taste was a little more indulgent but as far as quality and effectiveness, this blend has you covered.


Your body is a machine, and you work hard to make sure it’s kept up.

Hours a week are spent at the gym, perfecting yourself and your regiment.

Studies, reviews, and books on fitness are poured over endlessly so you know exactly how to achieve your body fitness goals.

So when it comes to things you consume, it is imperative that you have the very best.

MyProtein was founded in 2004 and was recently acquired by the Hut Group in 2011.

In twelve years has grown into a behemoth of a company and reportedly the #1 nutrition sports brand in Europe.

Andy Duckworth is currently serving as the CEO and believes that MyProtein offers the “best quality products for the lowest possible prices” – and their prices are pretty incredible – but more on that later.

Contrary to what their name may suggest, MyProtein is much more than just a protein company. Their website features over 1,000 products including pre and post-workout supplements, vitamins, and even apparel.

MyProtein wants to “fuel your ambition”, whatever it may be.

But do they deliver on their promises?

Their Impact Whey Protein comes in at #2 on’s list of “Top10 Protein Supplements.”

With that and it coming in just around average at $51.99 USD, here’s what we found out about the protein itself:


Impact Whey Protein uses milk from grass fed cattle process their powder, and the ingredients are as follows:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Flavoring
  • Sucralose

That’s all there is to it!

MyProtein likes to boast about their protein being 80% of the content delivered, which also contains “4.5g of Branched-chain-amino-acids (BCAA’s) and 3.6g of Glutamine.”

Other relevant nutrition facts are:

  • 100 calories
  • 1.5g total fat
  • 0g carbs
  • 0g sugar
  • 20g protein

All you ketogenic, low-carb dieters are just drooling aren’t you?

While the numbers look great, and their marketing materials—including beautifully edited videos of men in lab coats testing product, and models in makeup working out—are just as high quality as they propose their products are, what are the reviews like?

The taste tests are ranking pretty high, but, there are nineteen different flavors of protein for you to choose from, including unflavored.

So you have options, and the barrage of people on the internet who are saying “good” or “bad” could at any point be consuming two completely different flavors—like Apple Crumble & Custard vs. Marzipan Christmas Cake.

(Yes those are actual flavors.)

There also a lot of reports that it doesn’t mix well. But of course you can always add your powder in with other ingredients to make a nice shake for yourself with peanut butter, banana, or toss in your own marzipan for all we care.

Though this all seems to balance itself out, as the price is pretty decent for what you get: a great whey protein blend with no fillers, carbs, or sugar.


  • 80% protein content per serving
  • 0g sugar, 0g carbs, 1.5g total fat
  • 100 calories
  • Price


  • Doesn’t rank high on taste
  • Doesn’t rank high on mixing ability


It’s always nice to see a company back up most of the claims it makes. Of course, the promise of huge biceps and ripped abs is completely dependent on your ability to hold together all aspects of a healthy regiment, including diet, and, exercise obviously.

But when it comes to high quality protein, MyProtein delivers on their promise to bring you more of the good stuff.

If you look at the ingredients of several other products, you’re getting two different mixes, some hydrolyzed, some not, meaning you’re not getting all of one thing. In this respect MyProtein’s Impact Whey blend scores points from us.

Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to deliver on taste and mix ability, though these aren’t always deal breakers for some of you folks now are they?

We would know because we’ve tasted some of the protein mixes you all rate so highly, and well yeah, we always maintain that taste is a subjective matter and what might be great to you, won’t be for someone else.

If you’re looking for an affordable protein powder, that gets the job done, and tastes like melon, pecan pie, rhubarb, cobbler, and fifteen other things then MyProtein’s Impact Whey blend is a decent choice.

Just don’t forget to mix it as soon as the powder hits the liquid!