Legion Athletics Whey + Review

Power Ranking
  • Taste
  • Overall Quality
  • Ingredient Integrity
  • Price

How many people do you think have wasted thousands of dollars on worthless supplements?

The image of people wandering the aisles of sports nutrition stores blindly accepting what the sales rep is telling them, and flipping through magazines guzzling down what the steroid gods are pushing, is all too familiar.

This is exactly why Legion Athletics founder Mike Matthews founded the company, to:

not just create high-quality health and sport supplements based on sound science, but to create supplements that set the standard by which all others are judged; and to help educate consumers on the science of athletic performance so they can make better decisions in both their training and purchases.

It’s definitely a bold statement, and Matthews doesn’t hesitate to delve into it further. He states that he wanted all of his products to be held to rigorous standards based on the following:

  • All ingredients must be scientific research
  • All dosages must be doled out at levels that are proven for clinical effectiveness
  • There should be absolutely no artificial flavors, fillers or dyes
  • No banned substances or drugs that are potentially harmful should be used either
  • It must taste good and offer good value per serving

Clearly, he’s not screwing around.

So that brings us to our review of one of Legion’s most popular products, their Whey + Protein Powder.

Does it back up Matthews’ audacious claim of delivering on all fronts, from the scientific backend to the overt traits such as flavor quality?


Legion Whey + Protein Powder is made with 100% whey protein isolate, milk of cows who have not been exposed to growth hormones or antibiotics, and contains no sugar as it is sweetened with stevia.

Each serving contains 22g of protein, 0g of fat, and 2g of carbohydrates.

This formula is one of the most true to its promise proteins on the market, with all the facts above and all of the ingredients are as pure as any paleo-health-nut could dream of, they are as follows:

Non-GMO Whey Protein Isolate

Non-GMO Maltodextrin

Cocoa Bean Powder

Natural Flavors

Xanthan Gum


Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract

Tapioca Starch

That’s all there is to it!

If you ask us, it’s pretty awesome that when it comes to Legion’s commitment to be rid of the proprietary blend, (which basically means you can add whatever you want and you don’t have to list the ingredients) that is so common these days, Legion’s whey is as transparent as you can get.

They deserve a HUGE thumbs up for that.


This brings us to the taste. While the reviews vary, it often ends up on the higher end of the spectrum, averaging always above 7/10 and never over 8.5/10 (except for one site that gave it a 9 but was clearly not disclosing their affiliate deal, but we’re not naming names you dirty little scoundrels, you).

Opinions on its consistency and mix quality are the same. We found some negative reviews on Amazon, but for the most part the positive reviews stand at just above average.

There are other things people have experienced as well, though, such as stomach aches, and even VERY negative reviews to taste insisting that the formula tastes like chemicals.

Keep in mind that everybody is different, and will react differently to just about every supplement, so negative experiences are subjective and seem to be only a small percentage of the reviews out there.

Personally, the taste is superb and I would give it a solid 8 considering the pure nature of the ingredients used.

Even top performers in the taste realm such as BSN get the “it tastes like chemicals” review from time to time, and they actually have chemicals in them, as opposed to Legion’s + formula.

The Pros

  • Unparalleled transparency when it comes to ingredients, staying true to their label and promise of not using any gross additives and fillers
  • Protein quality is outstanding in terms of sourcing and processing
  • Sugar free
  • Great for cutting fat, containing only 2g total carbs per serving

The Cons

  • Flavor doesn’t rank exceptionally well, but doesn’t do terribly either, staying above average
  • According to LabDoor.com there were a few discrepancies with the label, such as that the total fat measured at 0.5g/serving, where none was claimed on the label, and the total cholesterol measured at 1.6mg/serving, where none was claimed on the products label, etc. (see full list here: https://labdoor.com/report/legion-whey-plus)
  • Some argue (lightly) that the protein per serving is too low to be placed at Legion’s + price point


When it comes to companies claiming all natural, non-GMO, health conscious ingredients, yet sneaking their fillers in via proprietary blends, Legion’s Whey + formula takes the cake for honesty and transparency.

As evidenced on their website, they take their mission seriously.

All of their ingredients are sourced, and backed up by science publications which you can easily navigate to via their website as well.

It’s a no BS approach to protein powder that many claim, but only a few like Legion can back up.

With the limited ingredients though, there aren’t any extra goodies added to the formula, so if you’re looking for added creatine or BCAAs, you’ll have to find them elsewhere.

With zero fat or sugar, and the low carb count, this mix is ideal for those looking to cut fat easily, and efficiently absorb all that precious protein.

As with all proteins without fillers, additives, and sugar, the taste factor varies. Legion’s Whey + scores above average just about every time, and if you don’t like it you can always add your own sugar to it via fruit juice, almond milk, etc.

The most common negative point made towards this formula was its price, which comes in at about $1 USD per serving.

Taking into account that the ingredients are A+ just about all the way around, we’d say it’s worth it. You get what you pay for.

All in all a great protein formula in which the positives highly outweigh the negatives, so get off the computer, slam a shake, and hit the gym!