Dymatize ISO 100 Review

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If you’re looking for a whey protein isolate that’s easy to digest, tastes great (with no added sugar),and is good for both pre-exercise and recovery then the Dymatize ISO 100 may be a great choice for you.


We all want to be able to trust that we’re putting nothing but the best in our bodies and when it comes to protein powders, the Dymatize ISO 100 definitely fits the

Dymatize Iso 100bill.

As one gym buddy of mine, who is a ravenous health nut, says, “when it comes to supplements, I need another rep, not another supplement I’m gonna regret.”

Dymatize has a long history of being one of the most trusted and well-respected names around in the sports nutrition world, and their ISO-100 Whey Protein is one of their most popular and sought after products.

The company was founded in 1994 and is currently headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

They’ve grown into one of the most recognizable leaders in the supplement industry and supply nutritional supplements to millions of athletes and fitness devotees all across the globe.

The Dymatize ISO 100 has been touted as “the ultimate ZERO CARB Whey protein…that actually tastes good!” and claims that their process is so accurate and so checked for quality control, that both the lactose and fat have been removed without any harm done to the protein isolate itself.

A claim that is indisputable and holds up to any lab tests, according to them.

With isolates, the idea is that you’re getting just the protein so that your muscles absorb it faster and more efficiently. This makes it great for use while exercising, and as a post workout recovery protein as well.


Companies like to pump up their products (pun kind of intended) with terms like “the most amazing hydrolyzed protein” and “ultimate isolate for those looking to absorb more protein fast!”

So let’s start with the cold hard facts, also known as ingredients, pulled right from the label:

  • Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Soy lecithin
  • Salt
  • Sucralose
  • Stevia Leaf Extract

What jumps out here is that they used two protein blends instead of just the hydrolyzed whey blend.

While we’re not sure that this is the case here, this is a tactic often used by companies who don’t want to use all the yummy hydrolyzed stuff, so they use a generic whey protein isolate as a sort of filler so they can still use the “100% Whey Protein Isolate” label.

What the ingredients translate to per serving:

  • 25g of Protein Isolate
  • 5.5g of BCAAs and 2.7g L-Leucine
  • 0g of Fat, 0g carbs, and 0g of Sugar

This is perfect for you low-carb dieters (as most isolates are). How do they keep these so low? Well for starters, it’s sweetened with sucralose and stevia as opposed to sugar—hence the low carb count.

Bodybuilding.com has a great video overview of the Dymatize ISO 100, check it now below:

And that brings us to the taste and mixing ability.

Dymatize says that “the meticulous processing of the Dymatize ISO-100 gives you ‘instant mixing ability’ in its true form. You won’t believe how quickly Dymatize ISO100 goes into solution.

And, because of its ultra-purity and zero lactose, Dymatize ISO 100 could be the easiest protein to digest on the market today.”

While the claim is a bit fluffy, the reviews are in and it seems that they’re not totally off the mark.

The mixing ability ratings are very high, never falling below an 8 (1-10 scale), and it’s made with Soy Lecithin which is added to make it more soluble.

The taste also ranks fairly high for sugar-free isolates sweetened with stevia and sucralose.

While the taste debate always is, and always will be, a very subjective one, the law of averages is on the side of Dymatize’s ISO 100—in fact, almost all the reviews on supplementreviews.com don’t add taste to their list of cons for this product.

One thing we noticed while researching flavor reviews were some very negative ones on Amazon.

Things such as bugs coming in the packaging, and open bottles being delivered.

Be mindful while flipping through online reviews of the fact that most of these issues are manufacturing and distribution issues, and, most likely not the fault of the product itself.

A closer glance at all the hubbub leads us to believe there was a major distribution error, and a large batch of their protein wasn’t stored properly.

We’re hoping Dymatize is on this problem and is putting the necessary actions into place to correct it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

As for side effects, your common claims of stomach cramps, gas, etc. were brought to light, but nothing more than the average.

We always like to maintain that some products will affect a small percentage of people differently.

I wouldn’t immediately run to the internet and try to tear down a company for it, just try another supplement, as this one may not before you.


  • (Mostly) Hydrolyzed whey protein
  • Sugar free
  • Lactose free
  • Mixing ability and taste


  • Label inconsistencies such as mixing hydrolyzed with regular whey isolate (sneaky, sneaky) as well as others which you can view on Labdoor here
  • Price
  • Bad distribution/manufacturing which could lead to potential bad mixes


Dymatize’s branding and awards throughout their life have made them one of the top supplement names around.

Their products are good and do their job as they’re supposed to. They spew out just as much fluff as anyone else, but there’s nothing inherently unethical about it.

If you’re looking for a protein isolate that’s easy to digest, doesn’t contain sugar, is good for both exercise and recovery, and doesn’t taste like vomit, I’d say their ISO-100 blend is a good choice.

The price point is higher, as hydrolyzed protein is more of a premium commodity due to the way it’s processed.

Most isolates that don’t taste terrible and aren’t filled with gross additives will be in this same price range, so take it or leave it.

Hopefully, with their emphasis on quality control, they’ll get a hand on whatever caused the flurry of bad Amazon reviews.

Who knows, maybe it was Amazon’s error. Purchase from another source if you need to.

Maybe you won’t get it in two days without your Prime account, but everything will be ok we promise.