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True Mass is a good choice for individuals who are looking to add higher quality calories to their diet to gain lean mass. If you are looking to stay lean and add muscle, there are much better options on the market but this is a good selection for those who may be having trouble adding bulk.


“The BSN True Mass is a ‘different kind of protein powder’, which is definitely a good thing.”

-Chris Anderson, Protein Daily

bsn true mass

Today we are reviewing one of the first protein drinks I ever enjoyed: True Mass !

Imagine entering your local sports nutrition store, walking directly to your favorite protein powder, saying “no thank you” to the sales rep who asks if you need any help, and leaving in a matter of minutes.

Sounds great right?

Then why is this not the norm when it comes to your visit?

Trips to your preferred supplement retailer, online or otherwise, should be painless and easy.

Personal finance teachers always instruct their students to set up automated systems to better manage their money, and we’d bet you do the same with your workout routine.

Avid fitness enthusiasts fall flat when it comes to staying on an automated path for supplements, and while there could be many explanations for it, our thought is that it’s because of the constant influx of new products that promise to outperform the last.

Almost by default, we of what a friend of mine likes to call “The Cult of Bulk,” never stop searching for the newest trends; anything that is going to give us an edge.

This can prove to be problematic, though, and knock us off course by taking our attention away from those more important aspects of our fitness life.

We must stick with tried and true brands that are dependable, so we can set ourselves up for success by not worrying about what supplements are going in, as we diligently on the external parts.

So how do you find a dependable brand?

BSN (basically short for Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition) was officially established in 2001, and is now sold in over 40,000 retailers nationally while also finding a home in over 90 countries worldwide.

They are probably best known for their wildly popular (and very delicious) Syntha-6 protein powder.

With more than 35 sports nutrition awards being thrown at them in the last six years, they have truly become the very definition of a global leader in the world of sports nutrition.

They’ve done this by producing a number of products that are multi-functional, reaching a broader demographic by not limiting themselves to specific lifestyles.

With this business model in mind and their commitment to creating the best of the best when it comes to supplements and protein powder products, BSN has become one of the most recognized companies around, with brand loyalty being higher than the protein content of some of your other favored shakes.

Among their top-selling products is their True Mass blend, which is a protein powder for those looking to gain weight—the good kind. These blends, often called “gainers,” generally have a higher caloric density than their brothers and sisters in the isolates category.

But does BSN hold this blend to the standards that we’re accustomed to seeing from them? Let’s have a look.


True Mass is very reputable and well known in fitness circles.

It contains no creatine, hormones, or stimulants, which a lot of gainers on the market pack into their blends. Those blends aren’t bad, as like everything else, your supplement of choice is going to depend on your needs, but additives also mean extra money that you may or may not be willing to spend.

The blend also contains multiple sources of protein in what they call their “Protein Matrix.” As you can see in the ingredients below, this mixture of high-quality proteins, caseinates, and peptides provide the consumer with a flood of unique amino acids.

The range of all the different types of protein also makes this a great choice for meal replacement, as it has slow, and long-release proteins.

Gainer proteins help you achieve your weight goals by providing you with a larger amount of calories.

The difference between most of them is where those calories come from, and where they end up on the nutrition spectrum which is as follows:

  • 700 Calories
  • 17g Total Fat
  • 800mg Potassium
  • 90g Carbohydrates
  • 6g Fiber
  • 15g Sugar
  • 48g Protein

You can clearly see that most of the calories seem to be coming directly from the high amount of carbohydrates.

This makes the shake ideal for post workout, so your body and muscles can process all those yummy carbs while in a heightened metabolic state.

Another important thing to note is the correlation between the sugar content and the carbohydrates. Some

Some protein shakes load on the sugar, in order to raise the carbohydrate and calorie count, which is an awful practice, and we’d even argue a bit unethical.

The sugar count in True Mass is low compared to the carb count, so while a percentage of the sugar is definitely feeding into that, it’s not the main source.

That brings us to the taste. With 15g of sugar, we find it a bit odd that BSN also added the sweeteners sucralose (Splenda), AND acesulfame potassium to the mix.

Of course BSN has long been lauded for what they call their “flavor technology” so we assume that you can leave it to the self-proclaimed experts when there’s so much positive feedback coming in for all of their products.

This wasn’t the case with True Mass.

While the flavor ratings never fell below a 6 on a 1-10 scale, there were quite a few reviews about the chemical taste, and while we maintain here (by reminding you in almost every review) that taste is subjective, we have to note that the negative reviews coming in were slightly above average.

Maybe they could have done without one sweetener or the other, but who knows.

True Mass Pros

  • Top-notch protein blend
  • Lack of unnecessary additives such as creatine
  • Carb count is not completely dependent on sugar content
  • High protein
  • High calorie

True Mass Cons

  • Taste
  • Price
  • Scores very low on


BSN is one of the most trusted brands in the industry, thanks not only to the taste of their products, but to their efficacy, and the company’s mission to provide quality products.

When you buy a tub of True Mass, you are getting a pretty decent quality protein product that comes along with a huge amount of essential amino’s, and carbohydrates.

There are no bogus claims when it comes to True Mass, what you see is what you get. If used as directed, by partnering it with a rigorous exercise plan, you will gain the weight you are seeking.

If taste is a concern, you may want to look elsewhere, but give True Mass a shot as it is an exceptionally well blended protein.

Make your workout routine automatic, by pounding a reliable shake, and getting back to work while letting the good stuff do all the internal work for you.

Before you head out check out a great video review from the guys at Supplementing: